The Epic

Master Yi's Tukong Martial Arts Academy

Tukong Moosul is a complete martial arts system developed by Grandmaster Wonik Yi. Tukong officially began as the self defense system of the South Korean Special Forces. However, the roots of Tukong run much deeper, and its origins can be traced back many generations, to the where Grandmaster spent his youth.

Tukong Moosul is based on the distance theory. The martial artist practicing Tukong focuses on four areas of training: Throwing (leverage techniques), Punching (hand techniques), Kicking (foot techniques) and Weapons(extended body techniques).

The Tukong Academy also offers classes in combat training and self defense, as well as classes in Ip Sun (Tai Chi).

Grandmaster Yi is also the founder of Fighting Stunts Association (Austin). Under the directorship of Janell Vela Smith, FSA provides Action Directors/ Stunt Coordinators and Action Actors/Stunt Performers throughout the world with comprehensive insight on stunt related productions, stunt trainings and seminars and information on new action films, television shows and live action stunt auditions.